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A work in progress:

I finished the first manuscript of The Red Line last week. Now I’m onto the arduous task of editing and revising. Over the next week, I hope to have it edited for the first time (only to be faced with editing it AGAIN!) . After reading through it, I find the first few chapters littered with unrealistic dialogue, and unbelievable lines. However, after those few chapters, I feel like I really found my style and began to write in a way that I’m proud of. I’ll be editing those heavily in the next few days, trying desperately to find a way to set up some of the story while maintaining a realistic, and distinct voice. After chapter five I feel like the story really starts to come together, causing heart wrenching scenes and action filled battles! I’m really proud of the rest of it, and hope to bring those first few up to that level soon. Back to work now!

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