Tiny Rant…

You know, as I’ve been getting more into this whole social media thing, what with my twitter and this blog and what not, I’ve been forced to stare at my name. A lot. And it’s not that I hate my name or anything, in fact I’m not  that unfond of it. But still, I feel like it’s one of those unique names. You don’t really see “Tankersley” all over the place. I mean, hell, spell check doesn’t even recognize it. It’s like the computer is telling me, “That’s not a name. That can’t be right.” And I don’t so much mean good unique as much as I mean hard-to-remember-unique or difficult-to-say-unique. Is that just me? Am I worried over nothing? I feel like if my name ever actually got out there people would be like, “Oh, have you read that new book by… that one guy?” Or, “I just read this great story by what’s-his-face”. Maybe I’m being silly. Rant over.

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