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Let’s try this again…

Well, this is embarrassing. A few years ago, around the time that I was finishing my first full length manuscript, I started this blog with the hopes of updating it on a bi-weekly basis. Well one thing led to another and I lost the will to continue working on that story. I knew that at some point I would pick it up again and finish it, but at that time it just wasn’t possible. I found myself incredibly discouraged, completely burnt out on writing, and totally incapable of sitting down to edit the freakin’ thing.

And so here we are two years later and I’m FINALLY back at it, typing away on my keyboard night and day. And even though my old writer stuff (like my twitter, this blog, and the manuscript itself) has just been collecting dust for two years, I’m in some ways glad that I left it alone for so long. Those six hundred and something days away from the story allowed me to come back with fresh (and better educated) eyes, not to mention a completely revitalized drive for writing.

But it’s not just that. I’ve been there. You know how it is- so sick of your own story that you’d rather gouge out your own eyes than look at it. And since I’ve been there I’m in an incredibly good position to tell you how to avoid that place entirely! I’m not only a more educated writer, but I’m a smarter writer. Believe me, there’s a difference. An educated writer is someone that knows all about crafting a great story, writing a good sentence, and creating a wonderful character. A smart writer, on the other hand, is someone that can do all of those things in a way that’s mentally and emotionally healthy. Now that I’ve screwed up the process as much as one can, and been an incredibly un-smart writer, I know what I did wrong and how to avoid it.

I’m extremely excited to be delving back into the world that I’ve created. And I’m just as thrilled to be reintegrating myself into the writer community. I can’t believe it took me this long to get started. I’ll be posting news about my personal writing, ways to keep a fresh attitude during the writing process, and how NOT to make the mistakes I made the first time around.

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